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Drift Away

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 The two musicians first met in 1971 at the Catholic school in Hampshire, IL. Prenevost was learning the guitar, while Miller was learning the drums.  Their early influences were Elvis, Neil Diamond, Jim Croce, CCR, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, and Elton John.  They had a 4-piece band in high school, known as Nature’s Own.  They played the pop songs of the mid 1970’s.

Photos: Kevin and Brien(top) Loading into the Catholic School Gym in Hampshire, IL. Brien(middle)and Kevin(bottom) performing at a Hampshire H.S. sockhop in 1973.

In 1979, Prenevost and Miller, along with Miller’s older brothers, Pat and Jim Miller, started a new band - The Hometown Band. With Pat playing the Hammond organ, and Jim on saxophone, this new group could play pop and country music dating back to the 1940’s. They became a well-known party band in 1980, and have maintained a schedule, with various members, to this day.  

In 1990, Prenevost moved to Geneseo, Illinois to start a music career aboard the gambling boats near Davenport, IA.  Riding the country dance craze of the 1990’s, Brien and brother, Frank Prenevost enjoyed a very successful 15 year career in the Quad-Cities as The Truesdells.

Finally, after a 22 year separation, pursuing other career and musical endeavors, Prenevost rejoined the Hometown Band in 2006. Together again, Prenevost and Miller found an opportunity to start a new show in 2009. Their duo, Drift Away, performs a wide variety of popular rock oldies, jazz, and country. From Jimmy Buffet and Bob Seger, to Jason Mraz and Michael Bublé, they perform in an acoustic style unlike anything you’ve ever seen.